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Unstitched Suits and dress material

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We are dress material manufacturers and wholesale dress material distributors in Mumbai. 

designer dress materials mumbaiUnstitched suits have always had an advantage over the stitched varieties. Unstitched suits can be purchased and used by woman or girls of any age and can be designed to suit them perfectly. You do not need to worry of the design, length or cut suits your age or built. Similarly, you can also gift unstitched suit materials to your loved ones on various occasions. Here too, you do not need to fret about the size and height of the user.

Unstitched suit pieces occur as cut pieces that are cut into perfect measures for a salwar or kameez and there are varieties of extensive length cut directly from the yarns. They occur in various types of fabrics. We are cotton dress materials wholesalers in Mumbai and also deal in other varieties of dress materials.
dress material manufacturer You can even opt to mix and match the unstitched pieces to form the suit of your choice. Alternatively, you can go in for leggings or ready to wear pairs of salwar and dupatta and just get a kurta stitched from an unstitched suit piece. You can personalize your style, use your own creativity in fashion and avoid the risk of a misfit by using the unstitched suit material. Similar to unstitched suits, you also get semi-stitched materials in the market. Unstitched suit materials occur in casual designs, party wear designs and as designer materials as well.