Long kurtis

Long kurtis

Turning to comfort is a regular need and hence kurits are a very common choice. The colorful display of Long cotton kurtis which are fancy are available in wholesale market for kurtis More »

Daily wear kurtis

Daily wear kurtis

The quotient of comfort is always needed in daily wear and hence kurtis seems an apt option. Perfect with pockets, details and embellishments, the kurti is seen in highly fashionable casual styles More »

Cotton Kurtis

Cotton Kurtis

Airy, easy to maintain and very comfortable styles are seen in pure cotton kurtis. Borrowing new trends from western wear there is a lot of kurti fashion that is catching up with More »

Casual wear kurtis

Casual wear kurtis

Kurti is undisputedly the best way to mix the Indo style with a modern trend. Moreover, they are cool and you have the best range in size, design and color. The best More »

Kurti designs

Kurti designs

Feminine and very stylish kurtis are now available for women who like to add comfort to their work hours. The colors are upbeat ranging from simple pastel wears, to intricate collar and More »


Unstitched Suits and dress material

dress material manufacturer

We are dress material manufacturers and wholesale dress material distributors in Mumbai. 

designer dress materials mumbaiUnstitched suits have always had an advantage over the stitched varieties. Unstitched suits can be purchased and used by woman or girls of any age and can be designed to suit them perfectly. You do not need to worry of the design, length or cut suits your age or built. Similarly, you can also gift unstitched suit materials to your loved ones on various occasions. Here too, you do not need to fret about the size and height of the user.

Unstitched suit pieces occur as cut pieces that are cut into perfect measures for a salwar or kameez and there are varieties of extensive length cut directly from the yarns. They occur in various types of fabrics. We are cotton dress materials wholesalers in Mumbai and also deal in other varieties of dress materials.
dress material manufacturer You can even opt to mix and match the unstitched pieces to form the suit of your choice. Alternatively, you can go in for leggings or ready to wear pairs of salwar and dupatta and just get a kurta stitched from an unstitched suit piece. You can personalize your style, use your own creativity in fashion and avoid the risk of a misfit by using the unstitched suit material. Similar to unstitched suits, you also get semi-stitched materials in the market. Unstitched suit materials occur in casual designs, party wear designs and as designer materials as well. 

Designer Dress Materials

designer dresses

designer dress materials Unstitched dress materials for salwar kameez suits are popular nowadays. These are sets of dress materials that comprise of salwar, kameez and occur with or without a dupatta. The type of fabric, variety of design decides the cost of the material. Thus there are simple materials suitable for casual wear and there are exotic designs of materials that are suited for party wears. Unstitched materials are available in variety of fabrics like cotton, silk, Khadi and other synthetic varieties as well. Cottons occur in wide ranges with traditional and modern prints and embroideries. Silks and satins represent the functional wears with excellent designs of Indian craftsmanship.

Similar to unstitched materials, semi-stitched materials are equally popular. These are cut and ready to stitch materials, extremely convenient for users. Unstitched materials also occur in designer varieties. You can select dress materials that are the replicas of those displayed by the Bollywood celebrities on the ramp, celebrations or in films too. You even have a choice to select the same patterns worn by your favorite star in the colors of your choice. We are designer dress materials suppliers in Mumbai and provide the latest designs in the market at affordable prices.

Unstitched dress materials have flooded the online markets and thus are easily available across geographies. We are dealers of wholesale unstitched dress materials in Mumbai. We deal in wholesale dress materials.

Designer dresses and dress materials are a fascination for every woman. Designer materials are an end product of the passion and creativity of the designer and hence each piece stands apart. These materials may be designed by the local designers or the world famous brands. Each designer dress material has a unique aspect and hence has a higher price than the usual ones.

Salwar Suit wholesale Nowadays you can opt to buy designer pieces that resemble the salwar kameez flaunted by your favorite star too. Thus replicas of the famous designs, even those displayed on Page 3 and the red carpet are available locally and at an affordable price. Designer dress materials are available in a large variety of fabrics and in intricate designs and varieties. The kameez, salwar and the dupatta designs in the designer materials are designed innovatively and look elegant once they are stitched. We are traders of designer dress materials in wholesale.

You can buy the designer materials online too. You can later get them stitched from local designers so as to have a showy look. Contrary to the belief that silk and satins are the only preferences for designer materials, cotton too has its own class. High quality cotton with traditional Chikan, kalamkari and other traditional prints look exquisite after designed in novel ways. We deal in ladies unstitched suits at wholesale prices in Mumbai. You can contact us for designer unstitched salwar suit in wholesale.

Plus size kurtis


plus size kurtisHave you ever set your eyes on a beautiful kurti only to learn it is not available in your size?  Casual wear for you means tshirts from the men section?  Do you often settle for ill fitted clothes stitched at your local tailor shop? Have you ever wondered why kurti manufacturers do not consider you as a potential customer? Well we do, because we are not biased. We are kurti manufacturers in Mumbai and our aim to cater to anyone who wants to dress well, irrespective of size.

If your perception of plus sized clothes is ugly and outdated, we’ll change that for you. Our plus size kurtis are not any different from the latest trendy kurtis you see in any mall. However we do not follow trends blindly but incorporate only those which are suitable for our potential customers. Therefore our customers do not have to worry about picking the style or print that would be just wrong for their body type.

Our plus size range has a variety of kurtis to choose from. The casual section has a range of cotton kurtis or tunics with smart cuts. These can be worn with leggings or well fitted stretch denims. The party wear section has been carefully planned. The elegant embroidery work keeps the outfits light and classy, the colours and fabrics aim at giving you a chic look.

Plus size women were not catered to in the past, however, today, a full figure does not mean you have to say adieu to smart dressing. If you have any manly tshirts or clingy kurtis or anything you picked in the wrong size, just because you couldn’t find it in your own size, well, it is time to replace them now.  That pretty striped tunic you could not buy because of its horizontal stripes may just be available in vertical stripes here.

Short Kurtis

short kurtisWe Indians love everything Indian, don’t we?  From culture to cuisines to attires, we are most comfortable with the Indian touch.  Just like we love the Indian spices on our pizza we also love an Indian kurti over our pair of jeans and just like how the pizza has gone from Italy to all over the globe, our humble kurti is catching on. The popularity of the Indian kurti is because of its ethnic look and its versatility that allows it to blend with western bottoms. Not just the bottoms, the short kurtis are styled with western cuts too. The kurti is no longer restricted to women who wear only traditional Indian clothing; the latest ones are styled to appeal to women across cultures.

Designer kurtis for women are available in a range of styles. You can find the bold spaghetti strap kurti or the stunning halter neck style and that too with unique Indian prints. You should probably try taking these along on your next international holiday and we bet you will make heads turn, yes even in Paris.

The traditional ones have always been popular. They are very similar to the long kurtis except these are shorter in length. This allows you to team it up with ethnic skirts and stoles. The cotton and raw silk fabric ones are the most popular in this category.

Every dealer or manufacturer of Indian garments will have a variety of kurtis to choose from. You may also check out wholesale kurtis in Mumbai to obtain some great deals.

Leave the tshirts for your workout sessions but when you step out to socialize why not wear something feminine as the kurti and look beautiful. Pair your short kurtis with a matching pair of drop earings to complete the look and yes, smile, it will only make you look more beautiful.

Sleeveless Kurtis

Sleevless Kurtis

green-sleeveless-kurtiAre you geared for the Mumbai heat and humidity? It’s no longer restricted to summers only. Our woolen wear is probably at the end of the wardrobe only used while on a vacation very far from Mumbai. For office goers, can you beat the heat and still look professional in office when the temperatures rise?  Most of us are forced to get into formal shirts in order to look professional at work. We are wholesale supplier of cotton kurtis in Mumbai and we believe that formal attire of any region should be dictated by the climate of the place. Hence we offer you our new range of sleeveless kurtis.

Our range of formal wear sleeveless kurtis is of fine cotton fabric, it allows your skin to breathe and stay cool in the scorching heat. The cuts of our kurtis are modest; hence you may not feel the need to carry a dupatta. The kurtis in this section are available in the traditional Indian styles with embroidery and also with western cuts. You can choose from a wide range of bright colours that are perfect for the weather. The printed ones make summer even more interesting.

Party wear sleeveless kurtis are available in light fabrics like chiffons with beautiful bead work or exquisite embroidery. We ensure the lining is a quality fabric which offers the comfort of cotton.

You may also choose from our range of short sleeveless kurtis. These are ideal for college students who can wear them with denims or ethnic skirts. Working women may opt for them on casual wear days at work.

Apart from beating the heat and being comfortable the biggest reason why women may opt for a sleeveless kurti is that it gives a slimmer look. Now that, ladies is reason enough to raid our wholesale kurtis shop. So please hurry ladies.

Denim Kurtis

Do you often wonder why only college going kids or people who wear western outfits can wear denims and not you? Well we don’t blame you, who doesn’t love denim? Denim clothing is timeless and durable. They are ideal for regular casual wear. Denim fabric has been very popular over the years; the fabric is comfortable and trendy. It is mainly used for pants and today denims & jeans are synonyms. Smart designers have come up with various ways to incorporate denims in our daily wear. We come across denim shirts, denim jackets, dungarees etc. However women who prefer traditional Indian clothing did not have the denim option until recently.

denimToday women who prefer traditional attire and love denim can shout out in joy as the latest entrant in the denim world is the traditional Indian kurti. It’s a lethal combination of traditional and western wear hence one cannot go wrong with it. We are trendy fashion kurti suppliers in Mumbai and we have a wide range of denim kurtis in our casual wear section.

The most popular version of this is the denim kurti with white embroidery work. It can be teamed up with white leggings and you have a wonderful, comfortable fusion look. The more casual ones, like the shirt style kurtis can be worn with a belt and it transforms into a very chic dress.

Our kurtis are available in different lengths too. You may pair the short denim kurtis with your white linen pants or why not start a trend by teaming them with an ethnic ankle length skirt? The knee length denim kurtis can be worn with leggings of any colour..

So do check out our dynamic denim range and complete your wardrobe with our denim kurtis. With denims the options are very vast and we have just widened them further for you.